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About us


When the e-cigarette had just made its entrance on the European market and completely revolutionized the field of tobacco harm reduction. Solevan is primarily a laboratory located in France where our team of experts creates unique great tasting premium e-liquid flavors made with the finest ingredients such as pure aroma extract along with a hint of french touch... 

Thanks to our top quality premium vape juices and our devotion to providing great customer satisfaction to all of our clients, we became the number one supplier of the biggest retail brands on the market all over Europe. Our success was quickly reflected by a constantly increasing demand from our dear “chain vapors” to try out our products, that is why we decided to launch Frenchyvape and provide you with the best tasting e-liquids coming straight out of our  laboratories.

We are very much aware that vapors have various tastes when it comes to e-liquids and at Frenchyvape, we do not take our customers for granted. That is why we constantly innovate our e-liquids and create different brands with different histories and multiple flavours to offer you a large set of choices and satisfy you all.


I was born along the Mississippi, in one of those towns squeezed onto the banks of the river, sweltering under the western sun. At one time, I tried to bring law and justice to this dusty shambles of a place populated by miners and gold-diggers. With the years my illusions faded and I turned my back on my neighbors, to wander the ancestral lands. I became a “mountain man”, a solitary soul, a tobacco farmer. I fell in love with their subtle aromas, until they became my entire universe.  With each blend, its memory. With each scent, its words. Black Horse, Love Blond, Doe Skin, Gold Digger, Road Five. With each fragrance, its story. My story. I am the e-liquid Ben Northon, vape juice flavor by Frenchyvape.


In the Bee family, I would like the reality of flavors, the directness of tastes, the certainty of aromas. At last a guaranteed and intense vape liquid that we will love even more than we already love the fruit, the tobacco or the drink it embodies. A multiplication of e-liquid flavors, assured : a more concentrated, more absolute, more radical range. Adopt your Bee!


Surprising but complete sensations to satisfy your desires. Diabolical freshness, intense body with a fruity blend and endless length, its strength and subtlety triggers an explosion of flavours on the palate, it’s the e-liquid HIPS.